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Nicolas Baudin 1800 to 1804

bccategorey-graphic-sa-map-1803-coloured.jpgBetween 1800-1804, at the height of the Age of Enlightenment, two Rival nations sent "Voyages of Scientific Discovery" to the Southern Hemisphere. The English Captain was Matthew Flinders and the French Captain was Nicolas Baudin. Both were called "Ill-Starred Captains" by Anthony Brown in his book of the same name. Both mapped the Australian coast, including the hitherto known mysteriously as "The Unknown Coast", aka South East coast. Due to the challenging political circumstances of that Napoleonic Era Flinders did not return with his cartography until 1810 from French Mauritius. Baudin died on the island. The French cartography was eventually published in 1811-12, with assistance from Empress Josephine. Flinders prior discovery was not known until 1814. The French won the publication First gong if not the discovery rights.




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