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  • British Butterflies & Their Transformations, Noel Humphries, Colias, Hipparchia & Argynnis,  respective Male, Female, Underwing, Caterpillars, Chrysalis. www.historyrevisited.com.au
  • Colias Myrmidone, Danube clouded yellow, is a butterfly in the family Pieridae.butterfly. http://www.historyrevisited .com.au
  • Butterflies Hipparchia {Oreina} Mnestram of Hubner, & Hipparchia Janira.
  • "A splendid variety of Argynnis Lathonia", or Queen of Spain fritillary butterfly.
http://www.historyrevisited .com.au

Insect Butterfly Humphreys Colias Hipparchia Antique Print


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Insect, Humphreys, Butterflies Colias, Hipparchia, Argynnis, metamorphosis, caterpillar, Antique Print

Insects: Butterflies  Colias Myrmidone, Hipparchia (Oreina) Mnestra of Hubner, H. Janira, Argynnis Lathonia
Plate 3.  Colias Chysotheme (small Clouded-Yellow) & Colias Europome (Clouded-Sulphur) Butterflies with respective Male, Female, underside, Caterpillar & Chrysalis.

Plant illustrated: As part of the integrity of illustration Humphreys includes the botanical varietal preferred by the respective species: Lotus corniculatus (common Bird's-foot Trefoil) & Lotus major (Great Bird's-foot Trefoil)

Genuine antique hand colored lithograph with applied gum arabic after British naturalist, illustrator and entomologist Henry Noel Humphreys (1810-1879)

Published originally by subscription 1841-49, with species character descriptions by J. O. Westwood, Secretary of the Entomological Society, a revised & corrected New Edition was published by William & Robert Chambers, London & Edinburgh in 1860.

Condition= Excellent. Supplied with copy of original butterfly descriptions.

Image size = 21.5 x 28.5 cm / 8.6 x 11.4 inch

British Museum & Henry Noel Humphreys

 As a naturalist and entomologist Humphreys' was most particular that his illustrations layout the comprehensive life cycle transformation from caterpillars to butterflies by virtue of the chrysalis.  His method of visually explaining the idea of "metamorphosis" so impressed the British Museum curators that they adopted his meticulous display concept. "The study of natural history is the learning of the characters with which the wonderful story of nature is written; and cannot conceive a more pleasing and natural introduction to its general study than entomology, of which I think the division of Lepidoptera...the most easy and attractive section. " H.N. Humphreys, Esq, 1860


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