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  •  Giclee after Alexandre Iacouleff from "Le Theatre Japonais" featuring a Courtesan with hair decoration, Kanzashi, that evolved during the Edo Period. In the Art Deco style. www.history revisited.com.au

Giclee Art Deco Kabuki Theater Iacouleff Japanese Courtesan


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Theater, Kabuki, Japan, Alexandre Iacouleff, Le Theatre Japonais, Courtesan, Kanzashi, Kimono

Plate 31) In the role of a courtesan, we are shown the traditional hair pin decoration, Kanzashi, that compliments and overlays the neckline of the Kimono.

Print Size = 28 x 38 cm / 11 1/6 x  15 1/6 inches

Issued with Archival Limited Edition Certificate

Courtesans of the Edo period were far more than prostitutes. Courtesans had to be accomplished dancers, musicians, master the art of conversation among many other entertainments that could only be performed within the licensed quarters. Only very wealthy men could afford an appointment with the top courtesans. It is said that the very tradition of Kabuki began with a highly skilled courtesan circa 1600. It is ironical that women can not perform female roles in Kabuki. Actors who play female roles are called onnagata. Although there are some who act both male and female characters with great skill (kaneru yakusha), there are many important roles that call for true specialists.

Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles for women. In the middle and the late of Edo period (1700-1800), the way of doing hair in Japan was intricately developed when hairstyles became larger and more complicated, using a larger number of ornaments. Artisans began to produce more finely crafted products, including some hair ornaments that could be used as defensive weapons. During the latter part of the Edo period, the craftsmanship of kanzashi reached a high point, with many styles and designs being created.

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Edo Period
Alexandre Iacouleff:
Le Theatre Japonais

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